A stylized documentary based on a performance by members of Prague's Sklep theater troupe in which Kafka's letters, diary entries, short stories and intangible fragments of writings and plays come to life, as if these literary spasms were electric signals randomly sent out by Kafka's brain.

Wrapped in humor just like many of his works, Kafka is faithfully embodied by the physiognomically nearly identical Jan Slovák, engaged in endless arguments with his father, chillingly honest in his letters to Milena or pathetically pleading for a pail of the lowest-quality coal, describing, with a sense of resignation, the injuries he had to contend with as an insurance agent. A lyrical sorrow is contained in the song texts of Monika Načeva, contrasted against a ballad based on Kafka's Metamorphosis and illustrated by Jaroslav Róna's comic book on the same subject.

The film presents the theater performance as well sketches and other scenes set in contemporary life.

Directed by: Pavel Štingl, 53 minutes

Dramaturgy: Hana Stibralová
Camera: Miroslav Janek
Editing: Jakub Voves
Editing of theater performance: David Matras
Sound: Daniel Němec, Michael Míček, Vladimír Chrastil
Head of production: Jana Vokrouhlíková
Executive producer: Jiří Vlach
Creative producer: Alena Müllerová

K2 and Czech Television